Paperless Transactions

100% Paperless...OR You can still download, print, & sign too!

Hassle free paperless transactions are innovative and environmentally friendly. They save time in closing transactions and prove cost effective by cutting office expenses to increase the bottom line.

For every ton of paper conserved, you save:

  • 17 Trees
  • 380 Gallons of Oil
  • 4000 Kilowatts of energy
  • 3 Cubic feet of landfill space
  • 87,000 Gallons of water


Echosign and RealCREforms reduces the cycle time of getting a document signed from hours or days to a few minutes. The intuitive user interface lets you upload a document and enter recipient information effortlessly, in less than a minute.

Documents signed by overnight envelope take a minimum of one day to reach the recipient and an additional day to be returned to you. Due to intra-office distribution delays and recipients' tendency to put paper documents in to-do piles, the average cycle time using overnight envelopes is 5-7 days. Documents signed by fax have an average cycle time of 2-3 days, due to intra-office delays, procrastination of paper document tasks, and fax machine mishaps.

Your Echosign and RealCREforms documents can be distributed, signed, and filed in just minutes. As soon as your recipients check their email, they see your document and sign it immediately.

  Echosign and RealCREforms Overnight Envelope Fax
Time to prepare and send document 1 Minute 15 minutes 5 minutes
Time in transit to recipient Seconds 1 Day Seconds
Possible delay due to intra-office distribution None 1 Day 1 Day
Possible delay due to document sitting on recipient's desk None 1 - 5 Days 1 - 5 Days
Possible delay due to express carrier None 1 Day None
Possible delay due to fax machine mishap None None 1 Day
Time in transit back to you Seconds 1 Day Seconds
Total Cycle Time Minutes 2 - 7 Days 1 - 7 Days

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