Office Lease Agreement Forms

Commercial lease agreement forms are required for those wanting to rent commercial real estate including office space to others. In these scenarios it's necessary to have a signed lease agreement form or documentation relating to your specific situation. These agreements are important as they answer a number of essential questions including designated responsibilities and rates charged.

Commercial Office Lease Agreement Forms

Our office lease form is a legally accurate and up-to-date form that's very easy to download and use for your specific commercial office lease transaction. Because you can perform editing and use the form in different lease scenarios, you will receive ultimate flexibility that closely meets your unique business circumstance. With office lease agreements, one party is agreeing to lease part of their structure to another entity so that the latter is able to use the property for commercial purposes.

Office Lease Agreement Provisions

Office lease agreements carefully outline the lease term including when the lease starts and ends along with its length. Typically, other provisions include annual rent and amount paid as security deposit, responsibility for tax payments, procedures concerning premises construction, and repair obligations for both sides. Because commercial office lease agreements concern commercial buildings, the tenant cannot allocate the property for residential or industrial usage.

Professional Office Lease Agreement Forms

We offer a number of professionally prepared and well written office lease forms designed to clearly outline all stipulations to provide protection for both parties. Our agreement forms can be utilized instantly after purchase. Take advantage of the cost savings involved when using our office lease agreement forms.

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