How it Works

1. Select your Form, purchase it using our online shopping cart and follow directions to "Download" form in the format of your choice.

2. Save the Form / File to your hard drive

3. Remove or modify the cover page if you wish or add your company information or logo

4. Fill out the form adding names, terms , dates , renewal options special condition, signature block etc in the highlighted fields. Remove the “Highlight Fields” blocks after you have fill in all required fields.

5. Review the entire form, check dates and terms to ensure that it is correct and represents the intent of agreement between the parties

6. Save the completed form and rename it to help identify the transaction. You’re Done! You have just saved time and money!

7. We suggest you consult your attorney to ensure the form meets your desired intent for the transaction as well as the requirements of applicable law. forms should be used only by persons with experience and knowledge of the real estate industry and experience using these type of documents. Laws vary according to jurisdiction and from state to state. All Real CRE Forms products are sold subject to our Terms of Sale.

SIGN AND SEND! makes it easy to send documents for signature online. You can upload and send documents for signature via email in just a few minutes!'s digital signature technology is legally binding and is compliant with US and EU e-signature legislation. Contracts, NDAs, legal forms are all signed online in minutes. Customers and clients will thank you for using because they will no longer need to print, sign by hand, fax back and file the document. improves response rates by eliminating this process. Going paperless is also a great way to contribute to a cleaner environment!

How does work?

1) Upload the document you need signed. Enter recipients' emails.

2) Notify All parties are notified via email with a link to sign the document.

3) Sign Recipients fill out required form fields and electronically sign the document using's online signature pad.

4) Complete! Once all parties have signed, you have a legally binding agreement.

5) All stored and archived Online. Access from anywhere.
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