Commission Agreement Forms

Quite often businesses and individuals will hire others to provide certain services or perform specific duties on a commission basis. The service provider typically offers contractual work based upon a percentage or set amount agreed upon. However, when entering into any type of independent contracting arrangement it's wise to make certain you have a clearly understood and binding commission agreement form. This is to protect both sides from future disagreements concerning payment and services.

Commission Agreement Protection

In addition to our paid commission agreement documents, we also offer a free commission agreement form for tenant and realty listing brokers. Organizations using services from independent contractors often find it's a great way to save money that is normally expended on employee benefits. Commission agreements will specify the regulations and stipulations agreed upon by both sides related to project completion and commission payments. Our forms are designed to offer superior protection for both sides.

Benefit of Commission Agreement Forms

There are many benefits associated with entering into contractual agreements for individuals and organizations receiving services. For a company, there is the benefit of not having full responsibility if something doesn't go as planned. The contractor will take accountability in most instances provided there is written documentation to that effect.

Protect Your Interests

When working on a commission basis, companies typically are not responsible for taxes unless stipulated in the commission agreement form. Whether you are an individual wanting to safeguard your interests, or a business involved with hiring commissioned workers, our forms offer the documentation you require.

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