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About Us Commercial Real Estate Transactions Simplified

REALCREFORMS was founded by commercial real professionals and attorneys with over 100 years of experience and $500 million in closed commercial transactions. Ted Prosser, the Founder was looking for more cost effective, efficient ways to handle commercial real estate transactions. The result is!

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RealCREForms - Commercial Real Estate Forms

REALCREFORMS provides professional, attorney drafted commercial real estate forms and templates. Examples of forms available on our homepage content are: commercial purchase and sales agreements, banking and lending forms, corporate and partnership forms, private placement forms, bill of sale forms, lease guaranty, rental agreement forms, landlord lease forms, sublease agreement, lease amendment, office and property lease agreement forms and brokerage forms. Our user friendly homepage content takes you through the easy process of ordering and using our commercial real estate forms. All of our CRE forms can be used with EchoSign and Dropbox. All forms are delivered in a Word format for ease in editing and adapting to your transactions. Simply purchase and download, edit and save, then forward for e-signature. Secure online storage, all accessible from anywhere. Our landlord lease forms include: rental agreement forms, property lease agreement forms, lease amendment, sublease agreement and other landlord lease forms. We offer many business forms for the CRE industry including: banking and lending forms, private placement forms, commercial lease agreements and corporate and partnership forms all found on our homepage content. Hassle free paperless transactions are innovative and environmentally friendly. Form Discount Packs are available for many of our CRE forms at substantial savings. We also have many free commercial real estate forms, as well as our free bill of sale forms and free leasing agreement forms. All forms are 100% guaranteed. Contact us with any questions concerning homepage content, commercial real estate forms or any of our CRE forms at 340 642 2777. You can also search our website for the CRE forms you need.