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As a commercial real estate professional you may be on the run throughout your entire day. There are many meetings and showings that you may be involved in, and it leaves little time to find the best CRE forms available. Even if you have staff that can locate all of the forms for you, you need an easy way to obtain them. Now you can download CRE forms from professional document manufacturers that specialize in creating legal and binding documents. When you use these types of documents you will also be able to tell your clients that you are a green business that is concerned with saving the environment.

Go Paperless Without Any Hassle

Once you go paperless for all of your important documents, there will be no turning back. It could not be any easier than downloading the documents you need, and having them signed electronically with programs such as EchoSign. A process that involves contacting potential tenants and other parties just got easier. Now all you have to do is simply download the blank CRE documents and email them to be electronically signed. There is no better way to have a real estate contract form signed.

Show Your Business Is Taking an Environmental Conscious Stand

You can easily show your clients that you are taking a stand to better the environment when you choose from CRE documents that can be downloaded to your computer. Most downloadable documents come in formats for Mac and Microsoft Word. This enables you to edit them and produce personalized CRE documents for your next real estate transaction. Simply save the form once it has been modified, and email it to the proper parties to be signed. A process that once took hours if not days can be accomplished in a matter of minutes. Of course you can also print those same documents if you prefer to have a printed copy.

Store Your Documents Online

Professional document manufacturers also understand that it is easier for you to store documents you purchase on a secure server. Typically they offer you a way to archive them for later use. All you need is an internet connection so you can access those forms from their server, and use them when you need them. No matter where you may be, you will be able to provide the documents necessary for different real estate transactions as long as you have access to the internet. Now you can feel secure offering quick closings and legal transactions that have you staying on top of the world of real estate with swift and expert services.

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How it Works

  1. Select your Form, purchase it using our online shopping cart and follow directions to "Download" form in the format of your choice.
  2. Save the Form / File to your hard drive
  3. Remove or modify the cover page if you wish or add your company information or logo
  4. Fill out the form adding names, terms , dates , renewal options special condition, signature block etc in the highlighted fields. Remove the “Highlight Fields” blocks after you have fill in all required fields.
  5. Review the entire form, check dates and terms to ensure that it is correct and represents the intent of agreement between the parties
  6. Save the completed form and rename it to help identify the transaction. You’re Done! You have just saved time and money!
  7. We suggest you consult your attorney to ensure the form meets your desired intent for the transaction as well as the requirements of applicable law.

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